BigCommerce Web Design & Custom Themes

If you’re launching a new BigCommerce store or are looking to rebrand, our BigCommerce web design services are the perfect solution. Ideal for companies already familiar with the BigCommerce platform (or who want to save money by doing the setup themselves), our customized themes will give your website a completely unique look that reflects your brand.

Our BigCommerce web design process begins with a phone discussion, followed by a brief written questionnaire. The goal is to learn as much about the colors, fonts, imagery and tone you want to use on your website so that we can craft a design you’ll love! It’s also important to consider your target customer market and their expectations.

We pride ourselves on collaborating with our clients, so you’ll be an active part of the theme customization process. We won’t keep you in the dark while we’re creating your custom theme (like some other web design firms). Don’t know exactly what you want? That’s okay, too! We’ll ask you for examples of other websites you like so that we can get a sense of the types of web design you find appealing.

We build our BigCommerce themes in a live trial store so you can interact with the design as we create it. Building on a live website also allows us to make changes and incorporate your feedback more quickly, as opposed to creating mockups that add both time and cost to the web design process.

If you’re only purchasing a custom web design and not our Complete BigCommerce Website package, we ask that that you create your store categories, content pages (such as About Us or FAQs) and a handful of representative products before we begin work on your custom theme. This informs our design process and ensures that we take into account your actual content while customizing the various page layouts.

BigCommerce Web Design Package

  • Color scheme
  • Header layout/customization
  • Footer layout/customization
  • Custom gift certificate design (one only)
  • Customization of outbound emails (such as order confirmation and shipment notification)
  • Social media icons/links
  • Layouts for the following pages:
    • Homepage
    • Category page/Search page
    • Product page
    • Static Info page (such as About Us or Contact Us)
    • Other pages as needed

$2200 and up, depending on the complexity of the desired design

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