30 Day E-Commerce: The DIY E-Commerce Program for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Have you been thinking about launching an e-commerce website? Are you worried about the costs or challenges of working with a designer or developer? Maybe you just prefer to do it yourself. Searching the internet for how-to guides and scrolling through pages of YouTube videos is time-consuming and doesn’t always give you the information you need for your particular business.

30 Day E-Commerce was designed for budding entrepreneurs who would prefer to build an online store themselves, without having to hire a designer or struggle through the process alone. Created by Duck Soup E-Commerce owner Danielle Mead, 30 Day E-Commerce is a comprehensive step-by-step program that walks you through the entire process of creating an online store. From setting up your company and payment gateway to configuring and designing your BigCommerce or Shopify website, the program includes everything you need to know to build your new e-commerce business.

The 30 Day E-Commerce program consists of daily video lessons delivered by email, along with links to helpful resources and tools you’ll need to complete that day’s tasks. By completing the work outlined in each daily video, participants will progress through each and every step of setting up and launching their online store in 30 days.

Intended for aspiring entrepreneurs of all skill levels and experience, 30 Day E-Commerce is the best way to turn your idea for an online store into a reality. Learn more or sign up at http://30dayecommerce.com.