Quick Start Program for New BigCommerce Stores

Looking for the best way to open a new BigCommerce store? Get going on the right foot with my Quick Start Program. I’ll handle the basics like shipping, tax and a privacy policy so you can focus on adding products and content.

You’ll also get one hour of consulting time that you can use to ask questions or get training on any of your BigCommerce store launch tasks. Leverage my extensive platform knowledge to get expert help on adding products, writing page content, using Page Builder or Stencil theme customization. Ask questions about strategy, how to maximize your use of the BigCommerce platform or get hands on step-by-step guidance on completing specific tasks. The choice is yours!

This program is available to companies of any size in any industry as long as they are new to BigCommerce. Whether you’re launching a brand new online business or migrating to BigCommerce from another platform, my Quick Start Program can help you get up and running with ease.

New BigCommerce Store Quick Start Program

  • Creation of your BigCommerce store account
  • Configuration of all your store settings
  • Setup of your shipping rules (excludes ShipperHQ)
  • Setup of an Avalara account and configuration of your sales tax rules
  • 10% Off a Termageddon privacy policy license + creation and addition of the policy on your website
  • 1 hour of consulting or training time (via Zoom or phone)

$250 flat fee

Need additional help? Add a block of 3 Flex Hours (10% off normal hourly rate) to put towards any store setup, product creation or theme customization you might need. This is an exclusive offer typically only available to my long term support plan clients!

The Quick Start Program is only available for new BigCommerce store accounts. Businesses that have already upgraded to a paid BigCommerce store plan are not eligible.

Sign Up for the Quick Start Program (no commitment required)