Cooperative Marketing for E-Commerce Companies

Brand2gether connects you with similar brands to reach new customers like your own — growing your sales and revenue.
Launching 2019

How It Works

Susie Shopper buys some new shoes from Brand A. Her order confirmation email includes a coupon for handbags sold by Brand B (the advertiser).

Susie clicks on the offer and purchases two handbags at 20% off regular price. Brand B gets a new customer and just pays a small fee for Susie’s click.

Brand A (the publisher) earns a portion of the click fee and has provided Susie with a great deal, making her a very happy customer of both brands!

Don’t Compete…Collaborate!

Our exclusive network matches you with non-competitive brands whose customers have similar interests to your own.

1Join the Network

Tell us a little about your business and your customers so we know what types of brands and companies to match you with.

2Build Your Compaign

Create an offer and choose from a list of complementary brands with shoppers likely to be interested in your products.

3Advertise to Shoppers

Your offer is displayed in the order confirmation emails of the brand you select. Pay a small fee each time someone clicks your banner.

4Track Your Performance

We send you monthly reports with the number of clicks and orders you received so you can measure your return on investment.

Brand Advertisers

Reach New Customers and Increase Sales

Market your brand to shoppers likely to purchase the products you sell.

Brand Publishers

Increase Brand Value and Earn Extra Income

Give your shoppers exclusive discounts by displaying post-purchase offers.

Sell Together. Grow Together. Brand2gether.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I join Brand2gether? What does it mean to join the network?

By joining the network, you’re saying that you’re open to potential collaboration with other brands. By being a member of Brand2gether, you’ll be eligible to run advertising campaigns with other companies. We may also recommend your brand as a potential match for another company’s campaigns. How much you choose to participate in the network is entirely up to you. Since it’s free to join and there is no commitment, there’s really no good reason not to join!

What’s the difference between an advertiser and a publisher?

Advertisers are companies who run campaigns to find new customers and generate sales. They provide a banner and an offer (optional) which is displayed in another company’s order confirmation email. Advertisers pay a small fee each time someone clicks through the banner to their website.

Publishers are companies that display another company’s banner/offer in their order confirmation email. Publishers earn a flat amount each time a customer clicks on the banner.

Can I join the network as both a publisher and an advertiser?

Yes, absolutely. Brands can choose to run campaigns, host campaigns or both.

How much does it cost to join?

Joining the Brand2gether network is FREE. Brand Publishers never pay any fees and can earn money from displaying banners in their order confirmation emails. Brand Advertisers pay on a per-campaign basis.

What does a campaign cost?

Each Advertiser’s cost will vary depending on the publisher brand they select, how many order confirmation emails are sent monthly and the cost-per click rate. The cost-per-click is based on the Advertiser’s average order size. We’ll provide you with an estimated monthly cost before launching your campaign to ensure it works for your budget. A small setup fee is required for all new campaigns.

What kinds of brands are in your network?

Our network includes BigCommerce retailers selling all types of products including apparel and accessories, sporting goods, home d├ęcor, gifts, gourmet foods, health products, pet supplies, kids’ products and more.

Can you design our offer banner?

Yes, we offer creative services for companies without in-house designers.

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