Compare Stencil Theme Features

Are you trying to find an easy way to compare Stencil theme features? All Stencil themes allow you to customize basic things like colors, fonts, product image sizes, basic homepage content and more. But some features are only available on specific themes. Options like the ability to display blog posts on the homepage, choice of logo alignment, quick shop or a mega menu.

You know what specific features you want for your new BigCommerce store theme. Maybe you’re considering an upgrade to Stencil from an outdated theme, and only want to make the switch if the new theme has certain enhancements. But which themes have them? How can you easily compare Stencil theme features all in one place?

Don’t spend a ton of money buying all the Stencil themes to check their Customize menus. Use the chart below to compare Stencil theme features and find the perfect one for your brand. It includes notable features that store owners may need or want for their new BigCommerce websites. (Because of the amount of information provided, I suggest viewing this comparison chart on a computer rather than a mobile device.)

Click the name of any theme for a full list of its available Customize menu options and features.

Want to compare Stencil theme features not included in this chart? Found a mistake? Let me know in the comments or drop me a line.

  Arcade Capacity Brixton Chelsea Cornerstone Fortune Foundry Merchant Mogul Peak Scales Venture
Choose logo position/alignment
Mega menu/nav
Enable/disable “Home” link in main menu
Choose carousel aspect ratio
Choose carousel transition type
Mosaic style carousel
Blog posts on homepage
Category Page
“As low as” pricing text/price ranges on category page
Choose grid or list view
Sale tags on category page
Enable/disable Quick View/Quick Shop
Product grid image style (fit, fill, crop)
Infinite scroll on category page
Hide sidebar on category pages
Product Page
Control where shopper goes after clicking Add to Cart
Set swatch size (product options)
GeoTrust Seal in footer
Main navigation in left sidebar
Main navigation in header
Parallax display
Restrict purchase to logged in customers
Free or Paid theme Paid Paid Paid Paid FREE FREE Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid Paid

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