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How can I add more than five banners to the Carousel?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to add more than five banners to the built-in carousel. Keep in mind that most shoppers will not wait on your homepage for the carousel to scroll through five banners, let alone two or three. But if you want to have more than five, you’ll need to use the Page Builder carousel widget. Please note that this carousel doesn’t automatically advance (it must be manually clicked forward by the shopper).

To use the Page Builder carousel, go to Storefront > Theme and click the Customize button to open Page Builder. On the right side of the screen where your website is previewed, find the region closest to the top of the homepage (but below the main menu). Drag the carousel widget into that region and add your banners as needed.

Then, click on the icon in the left nav that looks like a paint palette to access the theme settings. Most themes give you the option of disabling the default carousel in a Homepage section, but it may be elsewhere in the theme settings. Once you find it, disable the carousel and publish your changes.