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How do I set up free shipping with a minimum?

Sometimes you want to offer free shipping, but only if the order has a minimum amount.

To do this, go to Store Setup > Shipping. You’ll first need to create a shipping zone if you haven’t already. A shipping zone is an area (such as a country) where you offer shipping and what to apply specific shipping rules. Once you’ve created you shipping zone, you can create your shipping rules.

Within your shipping zone, enable Free Shipping by clicking the toggle to “on”. Then click Edit to the right of the Free Shipping rule. In the popup, you’ll see a place to enter a minimum to qualify for free shipping. Enter your minimum there and then save your rule and shipping zone settings.

Pro Tip: Once you have some sales in your store, calculate your average order size by dividing your revenue by the number of orders. For example, if you’ve done $1000 in revenue on 50 orders, your average order size is $20. By setting your free shipping minimum to just above that amount, such as $25, you’ll encourage shoppers to spend more to qualify for free shipping.