Mailchimp Email Marketing Services

When someone subscribes to your email list, it means they’re interested in your products or services. If you don’t have an effective email marketing strategy, you’re leaving money on the table! We can help you leverage this low-cost, high ROI marketing channel to increase repeat purchases and grow your bottom line with our Mailchimp services.

Mailchimp Account Setup

We’ll create a Mailchimp account for you, set up your mailing list and integrate it with your website so new subscribers are automatically added. We will also customize all your account forms with your logo and colors to ensure your branding is consistent throughout the subscription process.

Custom Mailchimp Email Templates

Ready to start emailing? We can design a professional-looking custom email template that will allow you to easily add your own images and text each time you want to promote new products or promotions. If you send out multiple types of campaigns, we can create different templates geared towards the content you’ll be including.

Email Marketing Calendar

Don’t scramble at the the last minute to come up with an idea for your emails. We will work with you to create an email marketing calendar for the entire year so you can plan ahead and increase the effectiveness of each email you send out. The calendar will include major retail holidays, suggestions for seasonal promotions and ideas for specific email campaigns based on your products and industry.

Email Marketing Reports

Measure the effectiveness of each email campaign you send with monthly reporting. Track clicks, sales and ROI to determine which content and campaigns are most successful so you can do more of what drives sales and less of what doesn’t.

For pricing on our Mailchimp email marketing services, please contact us.