Stencil Theme Options

Stencil themes are very flexible, allowing you to create a BigCommerce web design that perfectly reflects your brand. Developers love Stencil themes because they allow for “if-then” statements and can be built in an offline development environment. But what if you’re not a professional (or even amateur) coder? What Stencil theme options are available to you?

Every Stencil theme comes with a “Customize” menu, which allows you to modify everything from fonts to colors to layouts without modifying the theme files. But every theme has different options, and it’s near impossible to know what Stencil theme options will come with a theme before purchasing it. In fact, I haven’t been able to find any place online that lists the options available in each theme’s Customize menu.

Many BigCommerce store owners are launching an e-commerce website on a budget, and the cost of most themes is between $160 and $200. People can’t afford to spend lots of money just to find out if if has the Stencil theme options they need. Therefore, I decided to put together some documentation on the customization options each Stencil theme offers, without any extra coding.

I will add new themes over time, so check back soon if you don’t see a particular theme on the list below. If you want to help with this project, please contact me – I’d love to make this a community effort!

Need more help deciding? Use my handy chart to easily compare Stencil theme features all in one place!

Stencil Theme Customize Menu Documentation