Merchant Theme Options

The Merchant theme has a traditional e-commerce feel with a bunch of next-level features. It includes a sticky navigation menu (stays at the top of the page when you scroll), a built-in mega-menu and tabbed content on the product page. Your shoppers will also have the ability to switch between product grid and list view on the category page. All the various page layouts are well thought out and could work well for just about any type of products. When it comes to the Merchant theme options, you have a lot of choices for colors, the header design and main navigation, as well as the product page content. If you’re looking for a solid-looking Stencil theme that functions well without much customization, definitely consider Merchant. You can easily use the available Merchant theme options to create a beautiful BigCommerce store for your brand.

Here is a complete list Merchant theme options available in the Customize menu:

BigCommerce Merchant Theme


  • Primary font family
  • Secondary font family



  • Accent color
  • Text color
  • Background color
  • Secondary background color
  • Tertiary background color
  • Border color
  • Site branding color
  • Meta color
  • Bold color
  • Heading color
  • Primary link color
  • Primary link hover color
  • Input color
  • Modal dialog background color


  • Primary button text color
  • Primary button background color
  • Secondary button text color
  • Secondary button background color

Site Header

  • Top bar background color
  • Top bar text color
  • Navigation text color
  • Navigation active color
  • Navigation background color
  • Mega navigation link color
  • Mega navigation background color
  • Mega navigation utilities background color


  • Carousel heading color
  • Carousel text color


  • Footer background color
  • Footer text color


  • Info
  • Success
  • Error
  • Alert text

Apple Pay

  • Button color

Global Theme Settings

  • Logo alignment
  • Crop and force product images to fill container (toggle)
  • Hide sidebar on collections pages (toggle)

Site Header Settings

  • Use flyout menu on desktop (toggle)
  • Show ‘Home’ link (toggle)
  • Show pages (toggle)
  • Show categories (toggle)
  • Categories display
  • Show only top-level categories in navigation (toggle)
  • Show category images in Shop navigation dropdown (toggle)
  • Allow mega navigation to use full screen width (toggle)

Site Footer Settings

  • Show credits in site footer (toggle)
  • Show copyright in site footer (toggle)
  • Show sitemap in site footer (toggle)
  • Show address in site footer (toggle)
  • Show categories instead of brands in site footer (toggle)

Payment Icons

  • Visa (toggle)
  • Mastercard (toggle)
  • American Express (toggle)
  • Discover (toggle)
  • Paypal (toggle)
  • Apple Pay (toggle)


  • Show slide number on homepage carousel (toggle)
  • Slideshow aspect ratio
  • Shoe top sellers instead of new products on homepage (toggle)
  • Show latest blog posts on homepage (toggle)
  • Number of featured products on homepage
  • Number of new or top selling products on homepage

Brands Page

  • Number of brands per page

Product Settings

  • Number of reviews on product page
  • Number of product videos
  • Number of related products
  • Show product dimensions (toggle)

Product Listings

  • Products results count
  • Product listing view
  • Enable quick shop (toggle)
  • Add ‘as low as’ text to the prices of products with options (toggle)

Search Page Settings

  • Show secondary search bar on search page (toggle)

Blog Settings

  • Blog posts per page
  • Number of blog pages
  • Blog post summary length (in characters)

Do you use this theme for your store? Let us know what you think of it and how you used the Merchant theme options to customize your website’s design in the comments.

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