Supporting Diversity in E-Commerce & Entrepreneurship

Everyone should have the opportunity to fulfill their dream of starting a business, regardless of race, gender or class.

My mission is to provide affordable e-commerce services for small businesses and startups, especially those owned by women and people of color who continue to be underrepresented in our industry.

In addition, Duck Soup E-Commerce donates $9 for every block of support time purchased and $25 for every fixed price project to advance diversity in tech and entrepreneurship. Donations are split among the following three organizations:

2022 Donations


Total Donated


A Commitment to Inclusivity and Accessibility

E-Commerce has changed how we shop and given us access to products and services like never before, from small makers to international markets. But that promise can’t be delivered upon if shoppers aren’t able to successfully use a website.

That’s why I’ve partnered with accessiBe.

accessiBe offers an AI-powered accessibility tool that makes any website fully accessible within minutes. Unlike expensive accessibility services that have huge upfront and ongoing maintenance costs, accessiBe is an affordable automated solution that works for small and large businesses alike. Beyond making you ADA and WCAG compliant and reducing the potential of a lawsuit, accessibility makes online shopping easier for anyone with disabilities and shows your business cares about its customers.

I am proud to offer free installation of accessiBe to any BigCommerce store owner. Contact me for details.

Learn more about accessiBe or sign up here.