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Your BigCommerce Growth Consultant

Once your BigCommerce website is launched, the real work begins. Optimizing your website and business for growth can be an ongoing challenge – that’s where my post-launch consulting services come in.

My growth consulting services are ideal for BigCommerce merchants of all sizes. Whether you’re a small company or a larger brand with an in-house team, I can bring the expertise you need to grow and thrive on the BigCommerce platform.

Dial Pointing to Exponential Growth
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Need help with marketing strategies? I can recommend new advertising and marketplace channels, and help you determine which apps are best suited for your needs. What about using BigCommerce’s multi-storefront functionality to launch additional stores? Let’s explore how spinning off international or niche websites can increase your overall sales.

Want to increase your average order size or repeat customer rate? Let’s talk loyalty programs, up-sell options and subscription apps. Looking to improve your fulfillment speed, reduce shipping charges or decrease gateway transaction fees? We can discuss options to increase your profitability by shrinking your bottom-line costs.

The BigCommerce Expert You Need

With over a decade of hands-on experience with BigCommerce, I know the platform inside and out. I’ve worked with hundreds of BigCommerce clients of all sizes in nearly every industry including apparel, health and beauty, hobby and recreation, food and beverages, home and garden, and commercial/industrial.

I exclusively work with BigCommerce and am deeply invested in the BigCommerce ecosphere. I’ve achieved Legend status in the BigCommerce Community and consistently receive glowing 5-star ratings from my clients – even tech support reps know and recommend me!

Featured Growth Consulting Services

Top Line Growth Strategy

Identifying and recommending opportunities to increase sales, including marketing, multi-channel, multi-storefront, loyalty programs and more.

Cost-Reduction Strategy

Analyzing your existing tech-stack and recommending opportunities to decrease costs, including fulfillment, payment gateways, apps and process optimization.

App Research and Analysis

Attending demos, testing, feature comparisons and recommendations so you can choose the right apps for your business needs and budget.

Brainstorming Calls

Offering a regularly scheduled time to think outside the box and explore new ideas that could prove to be game-changers for your business.

Each consulting engagement is different because every client is unique. Whatever your situation, you can use me as a sounding board, a brainstorm partner or a sympathetic ear if you just want to vent. Whatever you need, I’m here to help.

Post-Launch Consulting Engagement

6 Months / Starting at $10k

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