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BigCommerce Coaching Sessions

Starting a business can be overwhelming. Between the paperwork, setting up your website, buying merchandise and marketing, it’s sometimes difficult to know if you’re making the right decisions. Whether you prefer one-on-one consulting or group coaching, my live support options offer something for everyone.

Person on Zoom Webinar

BigCommerce Support When You Need It

I provide consulting and coaching services for startups, small businesses and anyone who is looking to expand their e-commerce knowledge and increase their success. Choose from 30 or 60 minute consulting sessions, or group events where you can share and learn from other BigCommerce store owners. Don’t have a lot of time? Drop by my weekly Office Hours, a live Q&A held over Zoom. Pop in to ask questions about whatever you’re working on.

Woman-Owned Business Mentoring

As a female business owner myself, I understand the challenges women can face building a company and navigating the male-dominated tech industry. I specialize in mentoring for woman-owned businesses – check my consulting packages for more information.