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Grow Your Sales with Omnichannel Selling

Your customers do so much more than shop online. They connect on social media. Search for information. Watch online videos. Read news articles. If your brand isn’t everywhere they are, you’re missing out on hundreds of opportunities to connect with them. That’s why more than 90% of retailers and brands are investing or planning to invest in an omnichannel strategy.

Omnichannel Selling

What is Omnichannel Selling?

At its core, omnichannel selling means offering your products on other websites beyond your BigCommerce store. While “omnichannel” technically implies selling on every channel, it’s not necessarily about selling everywhere. For most retailers, it’s about determining where their existing and prospective customers spend their time, and then extending their presence into those channels.

Channels can include search (Google, Bing), social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc), large 3rd party marketplaces (Amazon, Ebay) and niche marketplaces (Etsy, Mercado Libre). Finding the best mix for your brand requires the right strategy and the right tools.

Why is Omnichannel Selling Important?

It’s never been more important for brands to have an all-encompassing digital presence. Social commerce and entertainment platforms have expanded their capabilities, and digital marketplaces have grown in popularity. Consumers now expect an optimized omnichannel experience that allows them to purchase at any point during their online day, whether that’s on digital marketplaces, social media, search or in-store.

  • 69% of consumers expect businesses to offer new ways to get existing products/services
  • 66% of consumers choose a retailer based on convenience, while only 47% choose a retailer based on price/value
  • 84% of shoppers across markets made an in-store purchase after finding or discovering the item on social media

Omnichannel is no longer a “nice to have” for online retailers – it’s essential for BigCommerce merchants looking to succeed.

How to Get Started with Omnichannel Selling

For small and medium sized businesses, you can mix and match selling options using the BigCommerce Channel Manager. This is a great way to test new channels and markets.

Under the Channels section of the control panel, you’ll find built-in tools for listing your products on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, you can connect with 3rd party apps to begin advertising with Google, Bing, and social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok. The Channels area also includes tools to get your products on marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart and Ebay.

Maximize Omnichannel Sales with Feedonomics

For larger merchants, or those who have outgrown the basics of Channel Manager, Feedonomics is the gold standard tool for omnichannel selling. As a full-service product feed management solution, Feedonomics allows merchants to pull product data from their store and list those products on 100+ global channels.  

Why Feedonomics?

  • Boost product discoverability with optimized feeds for 100+ channels
  • Reduce listing errors with data protection rules and alerts
  • Grow your global presence by listing products on more channels
  • Receive 24/7 support and feed recommendations from experts
  • Save time with centralized feed and order management

Whether you’re just starting to develop your omnichannel strategy or you want to grow and expand to new channels, I can help you find the best path forward.

Omnichannel Certified

Ready to Invest in Omnichannel Selling?

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