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Blueprint to Stencil Theme Upgrade

Converting from Blueprint to Stencil is more important than ever. BigCommerce no longer supports Blueprint themes, which means that if something breaks in your store – including checkout – Bigcommerce is not going to fix it. When you call tech support, they’re going to tell you to upgrade to a Stencil theme. What if it’s your busy season or two weeks before Christmas? Don’t take that risk! I can help you with your Blueprint to Stencil conversion.

Updating a Wall with New Paint

Why Upgrade to a Stencil Theme?

Stencil themes have a lot of offer. Whatever you sell, whatever size your business, moving to a Stencil theme has plenty of benefits:

  • New theme options like restricting purchase to login and showing product price ranges
  • Lazy-loading images to speed up category page load times
  • Ability to use “if/then” statements, which give your designer more flexibility in customizing your design and displaying content
  • Optimized code to make pages load faster
  • Akamai image caching to speed page load times
  • Improved schema markup so Google can index and display your product pages better
  • New display and layout options only available for Stencil themes
  • Access to the new drag-and-drop Page Builder which gives you more control over content and design
  • Ability to use 3rd party apps that only work with Stencil
  • Access to new features and functionality that BigCommerce releases in the future

I offer multiple types of Blueprint to Stencil conversions depending on your current situation.

Copy Blueprint Theme to Stencil Theme

Over the last few years, I’ve worked with dozens of clients on Blueprint to Stencil conversions. Some of these clients had custom Blueprint themes and wanted to keep their same design. Due to my experience with both Blueprint and Stencil themes, I was able to do just that – creating a new custom Stencil theme that looked nearly identical to the client’s original Blueprint theme.

Original Custom Blueprint Theme
New Custom Stencil Theme

Upgrade to Stencil with a New Design

If you want to move from Blueprint to Stencil but give your design a refresh in the process, we can do that as well. Whether you have a custom theme or are using a stock theme, my Stencil upgrade process gives you plenty of opportunities to provide input into how your new theme will look. We can change colors, fonts, layouts – whatever you’d like. I love working collaboratively with my clients and incorporating your ideas. After all, you know your customers best and you know what they want from your website.

Original Custom Blueprint Theme
New Custom Stencil Theme with Updated Design

Pre-Blueprint to Stencil Conversion

Are you on a pre-Blueprint theme? If so, you’ll see the most benefit from moving to a Stencil theme. Pre-Blueprint themes aren’t responsive, meaning they have a completely separate mobile theme. With more than half of e-commerce traffic now coming from mobile shoppers, those customers are having a less-than-ideal experience on your website. By upgrading to Stencil, your shoppers will have the same fantastic experience whether they’re using a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. In addition, Google prefers mobile-friendly websites, so your website may see a lift in organic search rankings after your pre-Blueprint to Stencil conversion.

Original Pre-Blueprint Theme
Customized Supermarket (Stencil) Theme

Your Blueprint to Stencil Expert

I can help you upgrade your Blueprint theme to Stencil without the headache or cost you’ll find working with other “elite” BigCommerce partners. I’ve completed dozens of Blueprint to Stencil conversions over the past year, for both small and medium sized businesses. Unlike some of BigCommerce’s preferred partners, I offer truly personalized service – I work with a limited number of clients at a time so you get the attention you deserve. And with lower overhead, I’m able to offer pricing that startups and small businesses can afford.

As a one-woman shop, I work directly with you from the project start to launch. There are no ever-changing account managers to deal with and no pesky support tickets to submit and track down. When you call to ask a question, you’ll get me and only me on the line. And when your project is complete, I offer both ongoing support and optional Stencil theme updates if you want them. Did you know that most BigCommerce partners – even the Elite ones – don’t offer either of those services?

Here are just a few of the reviews clients have posted on my BigCommerce Partner page:

“I can wholeheartedly endorse Danielle. She took my old site’s theme and transformed it into something really incredible. All those descriptive words above… PROMPT, HIGH QUALITY, RESPONSIVE, GOOD VALUE…yeah, they’re all true. I am grateful that I found her. You will be too when you hire her.”

“Danielle totally deserves all of the 5 Star reviews you are reading! She switched my site from Blueprint to Stencil and it looks fabulous. She’s professional with excellent communication every step of the way and her rates are really reasonable. She answered all of my million questions right away and made the entire experience stress free. And most importantly to me, she’s trustworthy! I will definitely be hiring her for anything else I’ll need in the future.”

“I needed to upgrade my site from blueprint to stencil. I wanted a fresher, more modern look as well as completely mobile responsive. Danielle accomplished all in great time and at a very reasonable cost.”

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