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Adding & Applying V3 Shared Options

This process can also be used to create shared modifier options. Simply click the tab named Shared Modifiers at the top of the page after Step 1 below.

Create Shared Options

Like in V2, you’ll need to create your shared options first before you can add them to your products.

  1. Go to Products > Product Options
  2. Click the Add Shared Option button in the upper right
  3. Give the option a display name (what the customer will sell) and an option name (what you’ll see in the control panel)
  4. Select the option display type (dropdown, radio button, rectangle list or swatch)
  5. Enter your option values
  6. Click Save when finished
  7. Repeat this process for all your shared options
In the V3 product experience, you cannot assign rules to shared options.

Assign Shared Options

Next you’ll assign your shared options to your products.

  1. Go to Products > View
  2. Search for the product you want to edit and click its name
  3. Click the Variations link in the product navigation or scroll down to that section
  4. Click Add Variant Option
  5. Click Add Shared Variant Options
  6. Search for the shared option you want to apply
  7. Click the checkbox next to it and click Add
  8. Repeat Steps 6-7 to add more shared options
  9. Click Save Variants when finished

SKUs will automatically be generated for each variant or combination of variants.

To adjust the price of any variant, type the adjusted fixed price in the price field for that variant. You can also customize the columns displayed if you need to adjust weights, dimensions or other information for individual variants.

To disable a variant, uncheck the box to the left of it. Note that this does not hide the variant; it simply makes it unavailable for purchase (a message will display on the product page if a shopper selects that option or combination of options).

If you need to change any of your options after adding them, click the Configure Options link.

When you’re finished adding your options and editing your variants, save the product. Repeat this process for all products that use shared options.