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Compare V3 to V2

BigCommerce’s new V3 product experience is one of the biggest changes they’ve made to the control panel in many years. While much of the product management functionality remains the same, you’ll find that there are some pretty major changes if you compare V3 to V2.

I recently released a series of blog posts detailing the differences between V2 and V3 so that store owners could make an educated decision on whether (and when) to upgrade. While upgrading is currently optional, a lot of questions have come up recently. This is due to a message that V2 store owners have been seeing in their control panels when editing products.

Therefore, I’m giving those posts a little more exposure by grouping them on this page. I hope this information will help you compare V3 to V2 so you can decide if upgrading now makes sense for your store.


BigCommerce V2 vs V3: Overall Differences

This post outlines the general differences between V2 and V3. It includes page layout, adding images, pricing fields and the shift from options to variants.
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BigCommerce V3 Options, Variants and Rules

Learn in detail how options work in V3 compared to V2. This post is a must-read for any store that has a lot of product options, especially if you’re considering upgrading in the near future.
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BigCommerce V3 Shared Options

If you rely on shared options and are thinking of migrating to V3, you’ll want to read this post. It goes into detail about V3’s shared options and how they differ from V2.
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