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Documenting Non-Transferable Product Information

If your store uses configurable fields or options that aren’t required, these will need to be recreated as Modifiers on V3. Since options without SKUs and configurable fields cannot be exported or imported, your first step is to identify all products using these features. This will be a manual process.

I suggest clicking into each product in the control panel, checking the options and configurable fields and then either taking a screenshot or writing down this information. You will need to manually recreate these options as modifiers after you’ve migrated to V3.

As you document configurable fields, delete them from the products. You will not be able to migrate to V3 if any configurable fields exist in your store.

The next step will require you to generate SKUs for all your product options. If you haven’t done this already and you have non-required options, you may want to delete non-required options during your review to avoid them being assigned SKUs. If you don’t mind the non-required options being assigned SKUs, leave them in place. However, keep in mind that there will be a 600 SKU limit for each product on V3.