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How do I add filters for color, type, etc?

By default, filters are created based on options/variants you’ve created for your products. For example, if you have options for size, those sizes will appear as filters on your category and search pages.

However, if you want filters that aren’t based on options, you’ll need to use custom fields. For example, maybe you want a filter for color. If each of your products is a different color, there aren’t any options for color that would create filters.

In this situation, you’ll edit each product that you want to add a color to. In the Custom Fields area, add a new custom field with the Custom Field Name “Color” and the actual color name in the Custom Field Value. Repeat this process for every product with a color that you want to appear as a filter.

Unfortunately custom fields cannot be saved and selected so you’ll need to manually enter them for each product. Make sure that you always use the same Custom Field Name so that your filter options are grouped. Otherwise you may end up with a filter for “Color”, a filter for “color” and a filter for “Colour”.

If you have a lot of custom fields to enter, I recommend using BCTool’s custom fields management tool.