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How do I add inventory/stock levels in V2?

You may want to track inventory so you don’t sell sold-out items.

First, go to Products > View and find your product to edit it. Next, click on the Inventory tab. Select whether to track inventory by product or option. Tracking inventory by product means you’ll have one inventory for the entire product. Tracking inventory by option means that if you have different sizes or colors available, you can track inventory by those options.

If you’re tracking inventory by product, enter the current stock level. You can also enter a low stock level. If you do, the store will show you when you hit that low inventory level so you can order more product. You can even set up a low inventory notification under Advanced Settings > Inventory.

If you’re tracking inventory by option, click on the Options & Skus tab. Click the Skus tab on the left. You can either add your own skus or have BigCommerce generate them.

To add your own skus, click Create a Sku. In the popup, enter a sku and then select the option(s) it applies to. Keep in mind that if you have multiple option types, such as size and color, you’ll need to create a sku for each size/color combination. You can also add specific weight/dimensions for that sku if desired. Enter the current stock and low stock (optional). Save and close, then repeat the process for each possible sku.

To generate skus, click the Generate Skus button. You can enter your own rules for sku generation or leave the default. Then click Generate and the skus will be created. Click the ellipses to the right of each sku to edit it and add your current and low stock (optional).

Don’t forget to save your changes when finished.

Once you’ve created skus, you can edit the inventory on the Products > View screen by clicking the plus next to any product to show the inventory box.