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How do I change the photo when certain options are selected in V2?

If you sell products in different colors, you may want to change the main product photo when different colors are selected. This can also apply for other option types. In the V2 product experience, this is done with rules.

First, go to Products > View and click on the product you want to edit. Next, click on the Options & Skus tab. Click on Rules on the left.

Click the Create a Rule button. In the popup, select the option or combination of options for which you want to show a different photo. Then under Make These Changes, select Show a Different Image. Use the Browse button to find the image on your computer and upload it. Repeat the process for other options as needed.

Note that in V2, you can assign a photo to a single option. For example, you can assign a photo to the Blue option and it will display regardless of what other options a user selects.

Save your changed when finished.