Fortune Theme Options

Fortune is one of the free Stencil themes available for BigCommerce stores. It features a non-traditional main menu, located in the upper right corner of the header area, which pops open when selections are made. The carousel banner is positioned behind the logo and menu, ideal for featuring lifestyle photos, which gives the theme a high-end look. The featured products on the homepage are displayed in a unique mosaic style by default, though you can change that in the Fortune theme options if desired. Though you don’t have as many choices as other themes, the Fortune theme options are flexible enough to customize colors, fonts and the carousel design.

Here is a complete list of Fortune theme options available in the Customize menu:

BigCommerce Fortune Theme

General Colors

  • Primary dark color
  • Primary light color
  • Accent color
  • Link color
  • Border color

User Alerts

  • Success color
  • Neutral color
  • Error color

Store Title

  • Store title text color
  • Store title font

Main Header Navigation

  • Color Settings
  • Background color
  • Link color

Visibility Settings

  • Hide parent menu items in their children menu (toggle)
  • Enable background color
  • Show background color

Body Settings

  • Body background color
  • Body text color
  • Body font


  • Heading text color
  • Heading font


  • Meta text color
  • Meta font


  • Button text color
  • Button background color
  • Button border color
  • Button font

Section Titles

  • Section titles text color
  • Text alignment

Product Grid

Grid Display

  • Product title color
  • Product title font
  • Products per page
  • Text alignment

Product Overlay Actions

  • Overlay text color
  • Overlay background color

Product Page

  • Isolate images in slider (toggle)
  • Automatically send the client to the cart page after adding a product (toggle)
  • Display product dimensions (toggle)

Brands Page

  • Number of brands per page


  • Show theme credits (toggle)


  • Footer navigation background color
  • Footer navigation link color

Payment Icons

  • Visa (toggle)
  • Mastercard (toggle)
  • American Express (toggle)
  • Discover (toggle)
  • Paypal (toggle)
  • Apple Pay (toggle)

Home Carousel

  • Carousel font color
  • Carousel background color
  • Carousel pagination color
  • Enable carousel border (toggle)
  • Carousel image cropping
  • Carousel height (mobile)
  • Carousel height (desktop)

Homepage Settings

  • Number of new products to show
  • Number of featured products to show
  • Number of columns on the homepage
  • Display the first product on the homepage as two columns (toggle)

Cart Page

  • Apple page button color

Other Product Settings

  • Quick Shop (toggle)

Do you use this theme for your store? Let us know what you think of it and how you used the Fortune theme options to customize your website’s design in the comments.

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