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Adding & Applying V3 Modifiers

Configurable fields don’t exist in V3 (and were deprecated from V2 a few years ago). In V3, the equivalent is called Modifiers. You can also use modifiers for non-required options to avoid them being assigned a SKU.

If you use configurable fields or non-required options, you should have documented them in a previous step prior to upgrading to V3. You’ll use that information to recreate them during this step.

You can create and re-use shared modifier options similar to shared options. Follow the instructions for creating shared options.

Creating Modifiers

  1. Go to Products > View
  2. Find the product you wish to edit and click its name
  3. Click Customizations in the product navigation or scroll down to that section
  4. Click Add a Modifier Option
  5. Click Add Modifier Option in the upper right
  6. Give your modifier a name
  7. Select the type of modifier (multiple choice, pick list or text field)
  8. Enter your value(s)
  9. Check the box if you want your modifier to be required
  10. Repeat Steps 5-9 to create additional modifiers if needed
  11. Click Create Options at the bottom right

Adding Modifier Rules

You can add rules to modifiers similar to rules on V2.

  1. Click Add Rule
  2. Choose the modifier option for which you want to create a rule
  3. Check the box for the option you want to change
  4. Check the appropriate box to change the option’s price or weight
  5. Choose Add or Remove
  6. Enter the amount to change (for price changes, you can use a fixed amount or percentage)
  7. Repeat Steps 1-6 to create additional rules
  8. Click Update Rules when finished

If you need to change any of your modifiers after creating them, click the Configure Options link.