Cornerstone Theme Options

The Conerstone theme is one of the two free Stencil themes available in the BigCommerce theme store. It’s a simple, straightforward theme with not much built-in “design”, making it a perfect starting point for all types of stores. Because of its simplicity and the large amount of Cornerstone theme options available, you can customize the Cornerstone theme to create a completely unique look for your brand. And because it was built and designed by BigCommerce, you can rest-assured that Cornerstone will always get the latest and greatest feature releases. Beyond the Cornerstone theme options available in the “Customize” menu, this an ideal Stencil theme for do-it-yourself store owners who know HTML/CSS and want to dig into the theme files.

Here is a complete list of Cornerstone theme options available in the Customize menu:

BigCommerce Cornerstone Theme


  • Banner background
  • Page background
  • Primary line
  • Common dark background
  • Modal overlay background
  • Alert popup box background color

Text & links

  • Body text font family
  • Body text font size
  • Body text color
  • Body text hover color
  • Secondary text color
  • Secondary text hover color
  • Link color
  • Link hover color
  • Link active color


  • Font family
  • Heading level 1
  • Heading level 2
  • Heading level 3
  • Heading level 4
  • Heading level 5
  • Heading level 6
  • Headings text color

Loading Indicators

  • Page loading bar
  • Spinner light half
  • Spinner dark half
  • Modal loading background
  • Product thumbnail loading background

Displaying products

  • Display mode (grid or list)


  • Blog image size


  • Price Ranges (toggle)

Purchase options

  • Restrict purchase to login (toggle)

Header & Footer

  • Header background color
  • Logo position
  • Image logo size

Text based logo

  • Font size
  • Text color
  • Font family

User Navigation

  • Text color
  • Text hover color
  • Dropdown background color
  • Dropdown border color
  • Cart counter background color

Main Navigation

  • Hide web pages in main navigation (toggle)
  • Text color
  • Text hover color
  • Dropdown background color
  • Dropdown border color
  • Quick search background color
  • Navigation design

Social Media icons

  • Top Right (toggle)
  • Footer placement


  • Background color
  • Show “Powered by BigCommerce” (toggle)
  • Show brands in footer (toggle)
  • Show copyright, current year and store name (toggle)

Payment icons

  • American Express (toggle)
  • Discover (toggle)
  • Mastercard (toggle)
  • Paypal (toggle)
  • Visa (toggle)
  • Apple Pay button color

GeoTrust SSL

  • SSL Common Name
  • Seal size

Home Page


  • Show carousel (toggle)
  • Background color
  • Title color
  • Description color
  • Indicator color
  • Indicator active color
  • Indicator background color
  • Arrow color
  • Arrow background color
  • Arrow border color
  • Allow image to stretch on large screens (toggle)


  • Number of featured products
  • Number of most popular products
  • Number of new products


  • Show Quickview (toggle)

Product pages

  • Product swatch image sizes
  • Product description tabs (toggle)
  • Show product weight (toggle)
  • Show product dimensions (toggle)
  • Number of related products
  • Number of customers also viewed products
  • Number of product reviews

Number of products per page

  • Category pages
  • Show shop by price (toggle)
  • Brand pages
  • Search result pages

Product cards

  • Product title color
  • Product title hover coloer
  • Button text color
  • Button background color

Product cards (Quick Search)

  • Background color
  • Border color
  • Text hover color

Product sale badges

  • Display product sale badges
  • Text color
  • Badge color
  • Hover Badge color

Image sizes

  • Main product images
  • Thumbnail image in product page
  • Thumbnail image in cart and other pages
  • Zoomed image
  • Image in gallery view
  • Brand image in gallery view

Buttons & Icons

Primary action button

  • Text color
  • Text hover color
  • Text active color
  • Background color
  • Background hover color
  • Background active color

Secondary action button

  • Text color
  • Text hover color
  • Text active color
  • Border color
  • Border hover color
  • Border active color

Disabled button

  • Text color
  • Background color
  • Border color

Icon colors

  • Icon colors
  • Icon hover color
  • Rating empty icon color
  • Rating full icon color
  • Button icon color


  • Label text color

Input fields

  • Text color
  • Background color
  • Border color
  • Border active color
  • Disabled background color

Select boxes

  • Background color
  • Arrow icon color

Checkboxes & radio buttons

  • Icon color
  • Background color
  • Border color

Do you use this theme for your store? Let us know what you think of it and how you used the Cornerstone theme options to customize your website’s design in the comments.

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