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Create Custom Product Page Text with the BigCommerce Warranty Field

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One limitation of BigCommerce that some store owners find frustrating is the inability to create additional content fields for products. For example, you may want to have a 1-2 sentence overview of the product at the top of the page while keeping the full product description further down. Or you may want to display information like ingredients, a size chart or usage instructions separately from the main description.

There’s one field which can be used to display additional product content, and that’s the Warranty field. It’s unique per product and it accepts HTML code, making it quite flexible in terms of the type of information you can display.

You’ll find the Warranty field on the Other Details tab when editing a product. It doesn’t have a nice text editor like the product description field, but there’s a workaround if you need to add more than straight paragraph text and you’re not comfortable with HTML. Simply create your Warranty field text in the product description text editor and then switch to HTML view by clicking the HTML icon located at the far right of the bottom row of text editor icons. Copy the HTML and then paste it into the Warranty field.

Once you’ve added your content, you’ll probably want to hide or change the heading that says Warranty Information on the product page:
For Stencil themes, go to Storefront > Themes, click on Advanced and then select Edit Theme Files. You may need to make a copy of your theme if you haven’t already done so. To change the heading from Warranty Information to something else (like Size Charts or Ingredients), click on the lang folder and select en.json. Do a search for “warranty” and replace the text “Warranty Information” with your new text (within the quotes).

For Blueprint themes, go to Storefront and click on Template Files in the left navigation. Scroll down to Panels and click on the plus to expand the list. Scroll down to ProductWarranty.html and replace %%LNG_ProductWarranty%% with your desired heading text.