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Yotpo: Product Reviews and So Much More

If you’re like most e-commerce store owners, you try really hard to sell customers on the great products you offer. But let’s be honest – most shoppers are savvy. They know you’re selling them. They want honest opinions from other people just like them. That’s where product reviews come in.

You may already have a solution implemented to collect and display customer reviews on your website. But most review systems that come with e-commerce platforms are pretty basic. They do the bare minimum, providing a form for someone to write a review and then displaying it on the product page. But there’s so much more than reviews can do. And there are a few problems with default review systems that I often get questions about.

Enter Yotpo reviews. It’s an advanced product and website reviews solution that seriously upgrades what you can do with reviews on your website.

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Not Just Text and Stars

Obviously the basics of a product review are the customer’s text and their star rating. But there’s so much more that reviews can offer to other shoppers reading that review. What about photos of the product in action? Yotpo allows the reviewer to add photos to supplement their text. Was the review helpful? Yotpo allows readers to rate the helpfulness of the review so other shoppers know which reviews to read first. Maybe a shopper wants to share a review with a friend or family member who is interested in that product. Yotpo reviews can be shared via email or social media. Because wouldn’t it be great if people who didn’t even know your website existed learned about it from a review shared on their Facebook news feed?

Yotpo Reviews Features

Respond to Reviews

Don’t you hate it when a customer writes a negative review of a product and you can’t follow up? After all, if someone had a bad experience, the best thing to do as a store owner is reach out and make things right. But most review systems don’t display the review writer’s email address, making it impossible for you to do the right thing by them.

With Yotpo reviews, you can not only directly respond to every review (bad or good), but your response will be displayed on the website for other shoppers to read. Let’s say a customer wrote a review saying the product didn’t have an expected feature, but in reality the product does have the feature. Perhaps the customer missed it or didn’t read the instructions. By responding to the review, you can not only explain how the customer can utilize that necessary feature, but you can also correct the record for other shoppers who might be reading that customer’s review. It also doesn’t hurt to thank customers who have left positive product reviews and let them know how happy you are that they like the product.

Yotpo Review Responses

Social Media Integration

That brings us to one of the coolest aspects of Yotpo reviews – the ability to turn your best product ones into Facebook and Instagram ads. You probably already know the value of advertising on Facebook and Instagram, but by utilizing real, verified customer reviews, your ads become much more compelling. Yotpo makes it easy to build ads based on product reviews with their built-in Facebook and Instagram integrations, allowing you to give your reviews a viral quality that would be nearly impossible otherwise.

Yotpo Reviews Social Ads

Product Q & A

You’ve seen it on Amazon – shoppers asking questions about a product and other customers responding with answers that reviews might not mention. So many people shop on Amazon that your potential customers may expect to see a similar feature on your website. Why? Because product questions and answers are incredibly useful. Sure, you write detailed product descriptions and do your best to anticipate questions that shoppers might have. But let’s be honest – there’s no way you can know what questions people will have about every single item you sell. That’s why the Q & A feature is so great. You can leverage your customers’ real-world knowledge to help other shoppers with valuable insights and information, creating a little community right on your product page.

Yotpo Product Q&A

So there you go. Four solutions from Yotpo reviews to problems most people have with their current reviews provider. And we’ve just scratched the surface of all Yotpo can do – SEO benefits, in-email review submission (so people don’t even have to visit your website) and did we mention Pinterest? They even provide analytics to show how much income they’re generating from their on-site and syndicated reviews.

My only complaint about Yotpo is their support team is based out of Israel, which can cause some delays in getting assistance for those of us located in the United States. Hopefully the company’s growth will lead to the opening of a U.S. office, which would also allow them to offer phone support in addition to their current email support option.

Yotpo is undoubtedly one of the market leaders in product reviews systems, and for good reason. But if you’re not convinced, schedule a free demo and see all of their features for yourself.

Do you use Yotpo reviews on your website? Let us know about your experience in the comments.