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5 More Ways to Increase Conversion Rates

Last week I gave you some sure-fire tips for improving sales with my post 5 Ways to Increase Conversion on Your E-Commerce Website. If you’re looking for more ways to ring the register, here are five more things that will help increase conversion rates for e-commerce websites.

Streamline Checkout

BigCommerce released a new optimized version of checkout a few months ago. Initial results have shown the new checkout to increase conversion rates thanks to its simplified, one-page design. I recommend giving this new checkout a try if your payment gateway is supported.

Upgrade Your Product Reviews

Shoppers love reviews, and store owners know positive reviews can increase conversion rates, but most built-in review systems are fairly basic. I’ve been using Yotpo for a few clients and highly recommend their advanced review platform. Yotpo allows photo uploads, rating of reviews (helpful or not), social media sharing and you can add on Product Q&A to let customers help each other (reducing email and phone questions to you). Yotpo also has a cool social media integration which will publish reviews as ads on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. If you’re interested in learning more or seeing examples, schedule a free demo. You can also read my recent blog post about Yotpo, which goes into more detail about all their features.

Get a Professional Email Address

Are you still using an old AOL, Yahoo or personal Gmail account to communicate with customers? Don’t give shoppers pause by making them think you’re a mom-and-pop shop running out of your garage (even if you are). G Suite, formerly Google Apps, is an affordable way to get a domain-based email address for yourself and your employees. Plus, it comes with online storage, collaboration tools and more.

Do a Site Audit

If you’re like me, you are so busy day-to-day that you hardly spend any time looking at your website. Take an afternoon and go through your website as if you were a first time shopper. Has your design become cluttered or messy after lots of small changes? Do some pages have different size or color text? Could your product descriptions or policy pages use a rewrite? Forget what you know about your store and really think about the impression it makes to strangers. Then make a plan to tackle any issues you find. If you don’t have time to do this yourself, contact us about our website review service.

Go Responsive

If you’re still on a template that uses a separate mobile theme, you are missing out on sales. Responsive themes (designs that adapt to all possible screen sizes) increase conversion rates because they provide a better, more consistent experience for shoppers using any type of device (including those who shop your store on multiple devices). BigCommerce, SparkPay and 3dCart all offer responsive themes that will take your e-commerce website to the next level in terms of mobile-friendliness. If you want help customizing one of their base themes, contact us for a quote.